IMS-ESS: The brilliance of two industries is combined. IMS offers clean, safe and affordable de-icing systems for UAVs, commercial and experimental aircraft, helicopters and general aviation, while ESS utilizes a highly skilled and experienced workforce to ensure product and system quality.

IMS-ESS manufactures, markets and distributes their patented de-icing technology to the aircraft industry. With clients such as Boeing, Lockheed, Carleton and GE Aviation, IMS-ESS has the experience and knowledge necessary to bring critical applications to successful fruition. Incorporated in 1977, ESS creates and manufactures harness and cable assemblies for a multitude of applications. IMS-ESS is an AS9100 certified company, and is in production on governmental and experimental platforms.

IMS-ESS is dedicated to the continued refinement of their global presence in the aerospace industry.

EEDS Electro Support Systems